Technological development

Medical Industry Support Center

DTF (Desk Top Factory) Development Group

This group is actively working for development of environment-friendly (energy-, resource- and space-saving) production systems by leveraging on special technology development by member companies. It also aims to make the region as a "DTF" center and then distribute the system to the world. The group organized by the 28 companies and the group strives to collect the more technological information and extend a market to the world.

Shinshu Smart Device Cluster (Shinshu: old name of Nagano)

Nagano Prefecture was selected as a target area for the Regional Innovation Cluster promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and our foundation is managing core portion of R&D activities in the cluster. The target subjects are as follows

  • Nanocarbon-based Smart Devices
    (Shinshu Univ. Faculty of Engineering)
  • Organic and inorganic nano materials-based Smart Devices
    (Shinshu Univ. Faculty of Textile Science & Technology)
  • Interfacial nano technology-based Smart Devices
    (Tokyo Univ. of Science)
  • Preproduction Devices
    (Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center)
  • Program for Formation of Advanced Nanocarbon R&D Centers
    (International collaboration : Shinshu Univ. Institute of Carbon Science and Technology)

In addition to the above, the foundation also engages in human resource development.

Practical Fuel Cells Research Group

To promote practical application of fuel cells, the group focuses on developing a long lasting and less costly separator. This research has finalized as a contract research project by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Kansei Evaluation Group

"Kansei" is a word meaning human feeling, sensibility and perception. This is a new value for selecting products instead of old values (such as performance and a price). The group researches the measurement of human Kansei system.

Minami-Shinshu CMC Research Group

The group pursues the development of CMC's(carbon micro coil) applications, taking advantage of CMC's electromagnetic wave absorption properties, electrical properties (LCR), spring properties, and etc.

Zenkoji Valley

To stimulate R&D in the Hokushin (northern Nagano) region, the regional center holds monthly "Collabo Net" meetings. The meeting is ordinary more than 50 participants from corporate executives, R&D engineers, and university researchers. In the meeting participants make some presentation about their technological needs. The meeting aims to build an accessible network for creation of new R&D projects.

Support Program

Support for grant application by R&D proposal

In order to promote joins research projects resulting from our coordination activities, we extend various forms of assistance including to prepare the application form for contract research projects granted by the national government.

Technological seeds development

The smooth implementation of the seeds into the feasibility studies is supported by the coordinators and research meetings relating to the public sector R&D proposals are also supported.

DTF ph


CNT Composite Piston ph

CNT Composite Piston

CNT-Ag Composite Plating ph

CNT-Ag Composite Plating

TiO2 cort Fiber ph

TiO2 cort Fiber

Fuel Cel Separator ph

Fuel Cel Separator

Carbon Micro Coil ph

Carbon Micro Coil

Zenkoji Corabo Net Developed the Graper ph

Zenkoji Corabo Net Developed the Graper

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