We strive to build a network of stimulating information exchange and human resource development between industries and academia.

Nanotech Forum Nagano

To promote R&D activities in nanotechnology pursued under our cluster initiative, Nanotech forum Nagano has established. By this forum, the innovative technologies developed by universities are easily introduced to the industrial fields. Nanotech Incubation Plaza is another opportunity to promotes information exchange among members.

  1. Activities
  2. 1 Human networking
  3. 2 Improvement of R&D & publicizing of achievements
  4. 3 Nanotech Incubation Plaza
  5. 4 Nanotech Super College Program
  6. 5 College Program for Business Leader on Strategic New Businesses

Collaboration with the other clusters

The foundation collaborates with domestic and foreign clusters to promote the business of Nagano groups, such as Shinshu Smart Device Cluster and DTF Development Group.

Support for entry into new industries

Utilizing R&D capabilities and advanced processing technologies owned by industries in Nagano, the coordinators of our foundation support the businesses of Nagano industries in the next-generation industries, such as aircraft.

International Nano Workshop in Nagano ph

International Nano Workshop in Nagano

Hannover Messe ph

Hannover Messe



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